Karolina Kamiska

Here we are finally showing my face and introducing myself! Took a while

I’m Karolina co – founder of Special Little Moments, Mum to my one year old son Nico and dog Lola. Loving partner to my Italian man @wineseventsbyronbay
Yoga teacher @karolina_flow_with_me_ event’s organiser and all around multitasker. Planning and organising is what gets me up every morning!

I always loved to help people around me by giving them support that is carrying, nurturing and loving to reconnect and create intention around what is really important.

Special Little Moments was born after I had my first child, that’s when I truly understand how much support and care family needs.As a Mum I had to offload so many of tasks a d chores that I simply didn’t have time and energy to do it.

Having rest of the family on another side of the world, made me understand that we need services to support us in everyday life just like our close family would support usI bring love, intention and care to everything I do, to every service I provide..

I will look forward meeting you and your family soon if we haven’t met yet…

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Karolina Kamiska - Special Little Moments - Family Concierge in Byron Bay